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The Society shall be known as the Harlington Allotments and Gardens Society.

  1. The purpose of the Society is to foster the interests and responsibilities of its members  and, through the Committee, represent them at discussions with Local Authorities and other organisations who, from time to time, may have wish to have dialogue with members.
  2. Membership of the Society shall be all plot holders within Furlong Road Allotments, whether cultivating a whole or half a plot. Each plot, whether a whole or half a plot, will be considered to have one vote in any decision making.
  3. The business of the Society shall be conducted by a Committee comprising Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and further 5 members. (The ordinary committee members shall hold office for a period of three* years.) (The positions of Chairman, Secretary, and Treasurer shall be confirmed and elected at each AGM.) *Amendment agreed 24th February 2020 - Following the election process The Chair highlighted that the election of all Committee Members would be more beneficial for the Society if this process happened annually.  It was agreed by all members that this should occur and the Society’s rules be amended to enable this to happen.
  4. Only Committee Members may represent the Society
  5. Committee meetings will take place bi-monthly from February to October as agreed.   The February meeting shall incorporate the Annual General Meeting when the election of executive and ordinary committee members shall take place, 9 plot holders being a quorum.
  6. Notice of Annual General Meetings together with the Agenda shall be posted to the plot holders at least two weeks prior to the meeting and displayed on the notice board.
  7. All members of the Society shall be eligible for election.
  8. The Committee shall have the power to co-opt* members.  * As at 24th February 2020  Non-plot holders can be co-opted as Social Member(s) of the Society. Social Member(s) can enhance the operating success of the Society with their knowledge and skills and would be of benefit.
  9. All members agreed that the terms within the Constitution allowed for such action and all members agreed that Social Member(s) should not be charged.  It was agreed that this option should be undertaken when appropriate.
  10. Extra-ordinary General Meetings may be called by 50% of the plot holders signing a request to the Secretary for such a meeting. The Secretary will notify all members of the date of an EGM. An EGM must take place within four weeks of a request for an EGM being received by the Secretary.
  11. A procedure for committee meetings will be determined by the current committee.
  12. In the event of the dissolution of the Society all assets of the Society will be  considered at that time or will be dispersed amongst the current members.

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